Noodle Bundling Machine

Hfirst noodles packaging machine has 20 years of research and development and manufacturing experience in China. Applicable to bulk strip-shaped materials such as: noodle, Spaghetti automatic weighing and bundling. Fully automatic and high-precision weighing and high-speed packaging, controlled by a highly intelligent system, with strong stability and stainless steel material meeting food grade standards. We have CE and ISO9001 certifications, over 30 national technology patents, and have led the development of Chinese national technical standards for noodle packaging. Founder of China Automatic Noodle Binding Machine.


Noodle Bundling Machine

Automatic Noodle Bundling Machine is a combination of an automatic weighing machine and an automatic bundling machine. It is mainly applied to noodles bundling and packing. The advantages of this device are simple structure, convenient operation, power saving, etc., making the noodles tight and beautiful after bundling.  This equipment can be used fully automatically with other equipment, and also can be used semi-automatically with manual measurement.

Noodle Bundling Machine


1、The most advanced noodle bundling equipment in China

2、The first one in China to realize the double-end bundling of noodles

3、The first one in China to realize a 100-280mm length of noodle bundling

4. Single bundling speed up to 26 times/min

5. Advanced and reasonable structure design, has applied for a national patent

6. Adopt famous electrical components, long service life, and high stability

noodle packing machine

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