Automatic Packing Machine For Short Noodles

Hfirst Short noodles packaging machine has 20 years of research and development and manufacturing experience in China. Applicable to bulk strip-shaped materials such as: noodle, Spaghetti automatic weighing, cutting and packaging. Fully automatic and high-precision weighing and high-speed packaging, controlled by a highly intelligent system, with strong stability and stainless steel material meeting food grade standards. We have CE and ISO9001 certifications, over 30 national technology patents, and have led the development of Chinese national technical standards for noodle packaging.


Automatic children's short noodles packaging machine


 1 set of packaging host machine, 2 sets of weighing machines, 2 sets of hoist machines, 2 sets of surface cutting machines, 2 sets of automatic material separation devices, and 1 set of material box conveying line.

Use: suitable for 10cm-12cm bulk child baby noodles packaging, automatically weighing, lifting, cutting, delivery and packaging.


1. The equipment adopts photoelectric sensing and PLC centralized control technology, with a high degree of intelligence.

2. The size of the longitudinal seal sealing film can be adjusted at any time during the equipment operation.

3. LCD display can set and display operating status, parameters and fault prompts.

4. The whole packaging process is completely automated without artificial contact with food to ensure food safety, health and hygiene.

5. With automatic air defense package and anti-cutting function, saving the packaging cost.

 noodle packaging machine

 Automatic cutting 

spaghetti packaging machine

   Short noodle packing machine

noodle packaging machine


2. Technical parameters:


Packaging length

Either 100mm or 120mm


Packaging scope



Packing speed

30-60 Pack / min


plant capacity



Gas consumption of equipment



Power Supply Voltage

AC 220V 50-60HZ

spaghetti packaging machine

Short noodle packing machine

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