Noodle Packing machine with weigher and bundler

Full automatic production line. automatic weighing, automatic bundling, automatic high speed packaging. ZERO AIR DEVICE Automatic empty packet detection automatic counting


Packaging machine


Products: Spaghetti, Rice pasta, Fettuccine, Bucatini, Linguine, Mafalde, stick Noodles.

Efficient, combination of simplicity, high quality and high level performances, which make it a reference machine in long-cut pasta packaging. Technological machine, 

it can be equipped with all the latest-generation devices: zero air device, camera system for fragment detection, print check camera, stripping device. 

Hfirst is the leader in the design and production of automatic systems for the food packaging sector. 

For the past 25 years, we have been convinced that packaging, if done to perfection, enhances the quality of the product. 

That’s the reason why we continue to improve our processes and to develop new ones.

The constant investment in research and collaborations with specialized companies allows us to offer the best product on the market for sustainability, productivity and cutting edge.

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